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Weddings and Engagements: The Gems That Make the Rings

Updated: May 24, 2022

The wedding band is one of the most important gifts given in a marriage, and modern couples want the best diamonds and Gemstones for their bands. To produce unique designs, designers and jewelers cut and set precious stones on wedding rings. This alone adds to its beauty, style, and value.

Engagement and wedding rings are highly valued today, and purchasing one is one of the essential steps before the engagement and the wedding ceremony. After all, these rings symbolize the grandest union in our lives. So, don’t be surprised how much they could really mean or how much they could be worth!

Read on to discover more about the gems and stones that make wedding rings and engagement rings even more special.


The sapphire is one of the hardest non-diamond gemstones, with a Mohs hardness rating of nine. Massive sapphire deposits have been produced on riverbeds and mountain slopes by aerial volcanic and metamorphic rocks.


Pearls have always been a favorite women's accessory. This ancient gem is now utilized in engagement rings. If you are the type of bride who will choose simplicity over sparkle, a pearl ring will look stunning with your white wedding gown. Its classy take on jewelry and elegance transcends weddings days for generations.

Moreover, freshwater, saltwater, and cultured pearls are the three types of the most beautiful pearls you can find today.


Simply put, the emerald is a royal jewel. This valuable diamond is well-cut and has a hardness of 8, which is beneficial to jewelers. However, given its composition, emerald is prone to breaking and crushing. The Emerald’s excellent color and scarcity make it popular among young couples looking for engagement rings.


Citrine is a quartz that is orange-yellow-brown in color. Citron, the French word for lemon, inspired the name. It's easy to see why Citrine is a popular choice for engagement rings. The hardness, stiffness, and glassy luster of this stone puts in the allure of gemstone choices. It is also a modern-day favorite among couples when it comes to engagement rings.


Opal is a popular gemstone for young couples' wedding bands. Thus, choose opal if you want your wedding ring to be unique, interesting, and eye-catching. The refractive property of opal allows the rainbow colors to shimmer.


Diamonds are the gem that says “They are forever.” Its toughness is responsible for its exceptional quality and resistance to scratches and damage. One of the reasons this exquisite diamond is so valuable is that it had to be made under difficult and demanding circumstances. Diamonds also come in different colors, but due to their great beauty and distinction, they are expensive.


Since the rise of jewelry, many have known that gems hold meaning, prestige, and beauty. This is one of the reasons why they are used as symbols of love and great unions. Now that you know the beautiful gems that make the rings, you can make the best choice according to your personal preferences.

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