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Learning About the Acclaim of Beautifully Blue Sapphire Gems

There are plenty of beautiful gemstones all around the earth, from the glittering topaz to the appealing emeralds. However, one of the most coveted gems is the natural Blue sapphire. In fact, it is actually one of the most searched stones by far, as many people simply love the sapphire and will get a chance to wear it every day.

The acclaim of these beautiful blue sapphire gems is high. If you want to learn more about them, continue reading.

What Are Blue Sapphire Gems?

Sapphires are the crystalline form of aluminum oxide, which is a semi-precious and pure stone. Sapphires are very hard, durable, scratch-resistant and even very strong. In terms of color, these blue sapphire gems are actually either a very light blue to a steel grey-blue.

Where Are Blue Sapphires Found?

Blue sapphire can be found in many places in the world. Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, Canada and the United States are just a few places where these blue sapphire gems can be found. However, when it comes to purchasing the highest quality of these blue sapphire gems, how rare it is simply depends on the store you deal with.

How Available Are Sapphires?

If you are willing to buy the sapphire, there truly are quite a few different variations of these blue sapphire gems available. The most common sapphires you can find are blue sapphire, which is the most popular one. If you want to be unique and set apart from the rest, you can also purchase the pastel, twilight or even royal blue sapphire.

What’s the Appeal of Sapphires?

The natural beauty of sapphire blue is so appealing that men and women alike will be able to appreciate it. The fact that these blue sapphire gems are rare is just part of the appeal of these stones. Plus, with sapphires representing justice, serenity, virtue, purity and wisdom, these are the stones many people want to wear.

What Jewelry Are Sapphires Used In?

You can wear your sapphire on anything from a ring, necklace, earring, brooch or bracelet. The most popular are the rings, which are very elegant and can also give the wearer a mysterious air. However, if you want to aim for eye-catching, getting multiple sapphires in a necklace is the way to go.

What Kind of Cut Is Ideal for Sapphires?

If you want to wear your sapphire and make it sparkle, you want to get a sapphire that has been cut in a very specific manner. Generally, the ideal cut for these blue sapphire gems is the cushion cut. This is where the facets are placed in such a way that the beauty of the sapphire is maximized.


When it comes to owning the natural beauty of blue sapphire gems, you should know a little bit more about them. Learn more about this popular gemstone and find a reliable jewelry store to purchase them from.

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