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5 Reasons Everyone Is Buying Sapphires For Their Engagement Ring

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Sapphires are known for their hardness and durability, making them a wonderful option for your future wedding band. When it comes to engagement ring shopping, you want the perfect ring that you and your fiancée are going to love for years and years to come. That's why you need to be careful when choosing your engagement ring - it needs to be just right.

You can choose a polished sapphire for your engagement ring if you have a more aesthetic preference for the traditional brilliant cut. With every sapphire, there is a unique, natural variation in the stone's color, clarity and size.These are important factors in choosing the perfect stone.

Once you choose the perfect stone, you need to make sure that the metal it is set in can withstand the extreme conditions of daily wear. You also need to consider whether you need it to be in a platinum setting or with white or yellow gold prongs. Whatever metal you choose, a sapphire engagement ring is guaranteed to make you and your partner happy for years to come.

With all these in mind, here are some of the important reasons why you should consider buying sapphires for your engagement ring.

1. Vibrant in Colors

Sapphire is much like any other gemstone in that the quality of the stone depends heavily on the color, which is a key factor in determining price. The most desirable color is velvety blue to violetish blue, in medium to medium-dark tones. Sapphires are also found in a wide variety of other hues, including green, yellow, orange, pink, violet, and even brown.

2. Highly Durable

The durability of sapphire rings is another reason why it is such a popular selection. These gems are among the most resistant to chipping, breakage and scratching. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstones on the planet, with only a diamond being harder. They have a hardness on the Mohs scale of 9. This means that you will be able to get a sapphire engagement ring that would last you forever. You would not need to worry about the quality of the stone being compromised over time.

3. Hold Value

Sapphires tend to hold their value well when compared to other gemstones. The price of sapphires has been on the rise in recent years, especially those of higher quality. Though the price varies widely depending on the size, clarity and color, sapphires are still less subject to the volatile price swings of other gemstones.

4. With A Natural Glossy Sheen

Sapphires are remarkably easy to care for. They are naturally resistant to scratches and are not as susceptible to staining as other gemstones such as pearls. You need not worry about getting it wet and it will still maintain its beautiful lustre.

5. Sapphire beliefs throughout the ages

Sapphire is a gemstone associated with royalty. It is believed to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts. It has been used to protect against negative energies, as well as calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity.


A sapphire engagement ring will give you the best of both worlds. You can be sure that you are getting a ring that is incredibly beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. When you consider the following factors, you'd be able to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Clark and Sons Gems offers you premium and high-quality sapphire engagement rings in a variety of styles and settings. Let us assist you in finding the perfect ring to symbolize the most important occasion of your life! Shop now and find your ideal engagement ring!

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