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A Guide on How to Care for Sapphire Gemstones

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Sapphires are the second-hardest gemstone after diamonds, making them ideal for rings and bracelets as they can be worn daily. Princess Diana made this stone popular when she wore a sapphire engagement ring to her wedding in 1981, and it remains a highly favored gem among professionals and casual collectors.

Cleaning Sapphire

Sapphires do not require special cleaning solutions to keep them looking good. Instead, grime accumulates on the stone after frequent wear. No special jewelry cleaners or polishes are necessary for removing the filth from your sapphire jewelry. All it takes is enough warm water to cover the piece and a bit of dish s. If the piece has been worn frequently, it may be necessary to give it an extra rub with a firm cloth.

Do not use moisturizing or abrasive soaps, as they can leave a residue. Swish the jewelry in soapy water and let it sit for up to twenty minutes based on how dirty it is. If stubborn dirt remains, scrub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush.

Rinsing a sapphire with warm water can remove dirt. After rinsing it, try rubbing the sapphire with a soft cotton cloth to remove the dirt. You can use dish soap to help loosen the dirt if you don’t want to use water alone. If the stone looks cloudy after you rinse it, try soaking it in a solution of ammonia or vodka.

You can try this jewelry cleaner with the manufacturer’s claim that it is safe for most gemstones and metals used in jewelry.

What the Sapphire Is Placed on

The jewelry containing sapphires is set in various metals, each of which deserves attention before deciding how to clean the piece. Gold and platinum may be cleaned in mild soap and water, but care to dry the settings thoroughly to avoid loosening the stone; this will affect how light shines through the stone.

Ammonia should not be used on gold very often, but occasional contact with silver will not cause significant damage. Silver jewelry is somewhat delicate and needs extra attention to prevent tarnishing. Instead of dipping it in ammonia, rub the silver with a professional polishing cloth.

Silver needs mild abrasives to clean off tarnish. You can use baking soda, which will not harm your sapphire, but be careful not to scratch or damage the stone.

Simply place aluminum foil in the bottom of a pan and add enough hot water to cover your jewelry. Then, generously sprinkle baking soda over your silver jewelry. The baking soda is a mild abrasive, so it will gently polish the tarnish off your silver.

Getting Professional Cleaning

Suppose your sapphire is of particularly high quality. In that case, you should have it professionally cleaned and examined every year or two for any issues that might occur. Your jeweler will have experience in tightening prongs or fixing any problems with the setting to ensure that your sapphire stays secure and protected.


Sapphires are a popular gemstone, but you need to keep them clean to make sure that they maintain their luster and value. The easy-to-use methods we’ve listed above should help you keep your sapphire looking shiny.

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