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7 Must-Visit Museums to Check Out Breathtaking Gemstones

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Museums are responsible for collecting, preserving, and interpreting the primary tangible evidence of humanity and the environment. They also offer a glimpse of our society's history and teach us priceless lessons about past events, wonders, and tragedies. At the same time, they can provide a source of inspiration for experienced and aspiring artists.

Whether you want to visit a science or gemstone museum, there's always an institution waiting for you to explore its wonders. From ancient to contemporary collections, gemstone museums allow visitors to look at rare and priceless gems up close.

In this article, we put together eight must-visit museums if you want to check out stunning gemstones and jewelry.

1. The Museum of Arts and Design in New York (USA)

You can undoubtedly go MAD for jewelry here! This museum showcases the works of contemporary artists across creative fields, with creators applying the highest ingenuity and skill levels to their masterpieces. It boasts a vast jewelry collection and usually features jewelry exhibitions. You can check out most of their collection online or visit the museum in person!

2. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA)

From ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian pieces dating back to Lalique and Tiffany's works, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) holds a vast collection of thousands of jewelry pieces. It also contains more than 40 centuries of jewelry history.

Before booking a museum trip, you can also check the presented galleries in advance on the MET's site.

3. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. (USA)

This museum features several famous stones, such as Marie Antoinette's earrings and Napoleon's diamond necklace.

Besides the rich and powerful historical figure's jewelry, there are also shell beads dating back 82,000 years.

Unique galleries such as the Gemstone Collector's Gallery, Tiffany Gallery, and the Allure of Pearls are a few of the distinctive galleries for jewelry.

4. Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, California (USA)

This museum features many adornment pieces and a vast collection of ancient Asian arts and crafts.

5. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

From ancient Egyptian broad collars to modern studio jewelry, the Museum of Fine Arts holds a vast jewelry collection from almost every culture.

Whether duplicating or selecting motifs to reinterpret, jewellers always looked back to help them move forward. The practice grew popular in the 19th century when designers like Castellani, Eugene Fontenay, and Giacinto Melillo revived ancient ornaments.

This museum allows you to examine more than 4,000 years of jewelry history and trace the revival movement from the 19th century to the present through the Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry Exhibit.

6. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh (USA)

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has a gallery solely dedicated to jewelry. The Wertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry is a 2,000-square-foot addition to the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems.

The expanded gallery gives the collection space and displays many never-before-seen gems and jewelry. Wertz Gallery also hosts special exhibitions from collectors worldwide.

7. The Louvre Museum in Paris (France)

And to cap off our museum bucket list, we have the Louvre Museum, where you can find the French Crown Jewels. It also has ancient Egyptian and Roman pieces.


Visiting gemstone and jewelry museums is one of the best ways to learn about a society's culture and history. This allows you to see the priceless jewels up close.

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